Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I be jammin'

Ok, I'm pretty proud of the progress lately! I decided, since time is limited, and somebody always seem to step on the time accelerator during these holiday months (it'll be Christmas before you know it), that I need a somewhat different strategy for getting the chicken drawings done. Partly it just helps that I don't have art show stuff going on now (thank goodness!!!) but I figured what I would do is attempt to complete the remaining sketches as fast as I can...like do ALL of them over the next week or so.

Let me clarify the terminology. The "sketch" is the rough draft, a black and white pencil drawing that is only an outline of the final product, done on not-high-quality paper (I most often use tracing paper, so that I can easily redraw and modify by putting another layer of tracing paper over the top.) The "drawing" is the final draft, in this case done in colored pencil, on good paper.

So in the last week I've completed four pairs, and started another one today. Still several more to go, and then while those are awaiting comments/approval from the committee I'll do the really grueling work, which is the color drawing. If only that part could go so quickly!! Oh well, just think of the fame and fortune when I'm done. Heh heh... hey, I can dream! :-)

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