Thursday, April 18, 2013

April 18 works in progress

Brown Red Japanese Bantams
colored pencil and graphite on cream Stonehenge paper
10 by 12 inches
custom, sold 

Cape Buffalo engraving on Winchester Model 70 floorplate
 oval is about 7/8 by 1 inch
custom, sold


Jan Blawat said...

Are you using your scrimshaw technique (lotsa little dots) on this engraving project? I haven't paid that close attention, but I seem to recall engraving being very "slashy" with lines. I think what you're doing is working well.

Katherine Plumer said...

Yup, I'm pretty much going about it the same way that I would scrimshaw it. There will also be lots of lines, but so far it's mostly dots. I've never done a custom engraving on metal. I've only done two practice pieces, so I had to just dive in and do what I know how to do. It's not nearly as finely engraved as the Italian bulino engraving (and I'm sure some engravers are going to point that out and tell me to cut the dots finer) but since I know that this is going to get some handling, I'm trying to cut detailed but deep enough to withstand that.

Unknown said...

So Katherine, are you using GRS air assist type of equipment or by hand.From what I understand bulino is where you pop out the bur rather than indenting like in scrim. I think your detail is great.

Katherine Plumer said...

I have a Lindsay Airgraver but this is all by hand, at least so far. Whether I'll use the Aigraver for cutting short lines or not... don't know yet. You're exactly right, the difference is popping the chip out. That of course means lots of graver-sharpening, something one doesn't need to do too often when working on soft materials like ivory! ;-)

Katherine Plumer said...

I should clarify that. Using a pneumatic graver is still "by hand." What I mean is that so far I have not used any pneumatic tool on this piece. But I certainly will if it saves time and saves some wear and tear on my hand!

Angel17 said...

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