Tuesday, April 09, 2013


There are a few months in every year that are particularly busy.  January, April, September, and December come to mind.  It usually has something to do with art shows, being on the road a lot, and sometimes tax paperwork (gag!)  I'm juggling a lot this month.

I was gone for a while over Easter, and I got a chance to visit with a whole bunch of people and that was SO nice.  I'll be making the drive two times this month, lots of family stuff going on.  It's an easy drive, I think my car knows it by heart, can I try autopilot?  ;-)

The weather has been all over the place.  It was warm, and then it rained a lot, and there was an impressive thunder/lightning storm complete with my phone sending me a flash flood warning (wow!), and then it got really windy, and now I think it's going to warm up again.  The first rattlesnake of the season was found about two weeks ago.  OMG I am so not ready for summer again.


My first batch of chicks will hatch in about a week and a half.  It's kind of a learning curve this year figuring out what the new coop is going to be able to hold.  I have fewer pens and smaller pens here, so I have to limit numbers.  That's totally fine, I know how easily I can let the chicken thing take over my life, and it's pretty crucial that I keep things very simple because I don't have time to deal with a complicated setup.  I'm thinking 100-150 chicks is probably about the right number, and considering the tremendous number of eggs that they are laying, I may get that in half the time I estimated.  And that would be AWESOME!!!

I'm going to be in an art show next month in Redding at The Studio Experience Gallery.  The show opening is on the 2nd Saturday, and I'll post more info as I get it.  I am doing 20 small drawings for this show, and they are REALLY fun.  :-)  More later...

I am engraving metal.  It's a collaboration on a Winchester Model 70 rifle floorplate.  It came to me with the scrollwork and inlay already done, and I am to engrave a Cape Buffalo in the blank oval.  Okay, I've had my crazy reasons for resisting doing metal engraving, but here goes.  ;-)

There's a chicken drawing taking shape over on the drawing table.  This will be a trio of Japanese Bantams.

Okay, it's 11:30, I think I'll do another hour of work and call it a night!


roger said...

That Buffalo, is he Bulino? Good looking start!

Katherine Plumer said...

Yes it is, thanks! :-)