Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Moving Sale: Chicken Paintings!

Like I said a while back, I have a lot of art that needs to go. And it needs to go for one of two reasons: I will have not have room to store it, or it's no longer the kind of work I am actively creating (therefore not something I take to art shows).

So I'm having a somewhat loosely organized "I'm moving and can't take it with me" sale. Today's featured art consists of chicken paintings!

These are all 6x6 inches, original paintings, acrylic on masonite. The backgrounds are all shades of metallic gold, which look REALLY pretty in some nice lighting! Each painting has a string on the back from which you can hang it, or if you'd rather prop it up somewhere or frame it, you can just remove the string!

They are $40 each. Shipping in the US is $7 for up to two paintings, or $10 for up to five paintings. If you want something shipped outside the US, I need to know what you want and where you are so I can calculate it! CA residents pay 7.75% sales tax. PayPal preferred (katherineplumer @ gmail.com, remove spaces), checks and money orders and cash are also fine. Proceeds will help offset moving expenses and the construction of new chicken coops!

Oh! The giant typed copyright text is NOT on the original paintings, that's just for my web images!

Interested? Comment, email, call, etc. :-)

Red Pyle Old English Game rooster

Black Minorca hen

Wheaten Aseel rooster

Mille Fleur Belgian D'Uccle Bantam rooster

Buff Brahma rooster

Brown Red Old English Game Bantam hen

Buff Laced Polish rooster

Black Sumatra rooster

Mille Fleur Belgian D'Uccle Bantam rooster (head)

Black Tailed White Japanese Bantam rooster

Brown Red Sumatra rooster

Red Pyle Rosecomb Bantam hen

Lemon Blue Modern Game Bantam hen

Black Rosecomb Bantam hen:

Blue Ameraucana rooster

Silver Penciled Plymouth Rock Bantam rooster

Wheaten Aseel hen

White Crested Black Polish rooster

Partridge Wyandotte Bantam rooster

Blue Orpington Bantam rooster

Dark Brahma rooster


Terry and Linda said...

You are very good!, Really!


jason said...

wow... super beautiful stuff. especially just the two-tone metalic backgrounds... thanks for sharing your genius with the world.

im just on this website "randomly" looking at scrimshaw stuff that i never knew about... and i live in guatemala, and have no money to buy or ship beautiful art. but if i did... i would buy all of those chicken paintings. really nice stuff. and im honored just to look at them on the web. thanks again!


Katherine Plumer said...

Thank you both! Jason, sorry it took me so long to approve that message, I just changed my blog format and didn't realize I had messages waiting for approval... oops.

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