Monday, February 20, 2012

last show of the season

Well, my poultry show season went out with a fizzle. This'll be the only year where I have nothing listed on my "show record" page on my website. So sad! Means I need to raise some really good stuff for next season! The light bulb in the chicken coop finally seems to be doing the trick, I'm getting lots of eggs, and will be setting a batch every week for about the next month. This'll be a goofy spring, I'm sure!

I'm glad I survived my little "midlife crisis" that I had with the birds a couple years back, you know, when I was determined to get rid of them all. That would have been a very bad idea. I think I've finally figured out that it's a people-thing for me. I have a great little group of poultry friends who I absolutely love, and (other than enjoying the birds) I think that's what keeps me going in the hobby, thus the midlife crisis was when I was feeling a little lacking in the friend department... Of course, the fact that I'm moving to a place where someone already is raising and showing more birds than I am keeps me motivated too. ;-)

I do have to say, after going to four shows in the last two months, and please know this is NOT a reflection at all on show management because they really do a wonderful job... but I really hate one-day shows. One of the shows I attended was a one-day show, meaning you can bring the birds in on Friday if you want, but you don't have to be there til Saturday morning, and all the action is finished by Saturday evening (most shows finish on a Sunday morning).

A long long time ago, when I first started showing birds, the judging of champions was a big deal. It seemed like everyone would gather around to watch, and everyone would congratulate the winners. There was anticipation, and drama! What I saw last Saturday was people cooping-out and leaving while their classes were still being judged, if their birds were not in the running for any class awards. By the time the champions were picked, most of the birds in the show were gone, hardly anyone was gathered around to watch, and it was really kind of chaotic. I hate that, and I miss the old days where people were more polite about it, and actually seemed to care. Now so many people just want to leave as early as they can. Not me. Remember how I said it's a people-thing for me? I actually enjoy visiting... And I get that having everything done on Saturday potentially saves people the expense of a night in a hotel, because they can drive home Saturday evening (like I did), but it kind of sucks all the fun out of it when people just spending the day thinking "let's hurry up and get out of here." I like the Saturday night banquet, but even without it I wish that people would be courteous enough to stay until the show is over.

Anyway, that's my rant. And again I do not want anyone to think that I'm in any way complaining about the show management, I know they have their reasons for having this schedule. I'm just annoyed at all rude people and saddened by how the camaraderie seems to have disintegrated.

And no, I have NO idea how to fix the early-cooping out problem. I know all the shows are struggling with this, largely in part because that's when there have been some problems with bird theft!

Next show for me: in November? Time will tell!

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Terry and Linda said...

Good Heavens! Bird-theft!!!! There are some amazing people out there who are so lazy as to steal! Makes me sick!