Wednesday, February 01, 2012

food memory

Okay, I promise, scrimshaw pics tomorrow! The Corsair is looking really good and I'm working on the background sky at this point, I simply have not photographed it...

Anyway that's not what I'm going to talk about tonight.

As someone who REALLY likes to bake, sometimes I get an idea in mind and I will totally obsess about it until I actually create it. Hmm, actually I do this with art too.

Up until the age of about 3 years old, I lived in San Diego, CA. After that, I have visited there at least once a year. So I'm not sure if this memory comes from when I was 3, or when I was slightly older, but I suspect it's from when I lived there. From time to time, the family would go out to dinner at a restaurant called Anthony's. My brother says there was a pond there. I don't remember the pond. Or the decor, or the dinner, though I know it was seafood. I remember the cake. It was the highlight of my little three-year-old existence. It was like a bite of pure bliss, it was the only thing there that any of us kids really wanted to eat, it was amazing.

I have no idea what it tasted like, I couldn't describe it, I don't remember it and don't know if I would recognize it, I just remember being crazy about it. It was zabaglione cake, or zabaione, I'm not sure what spelling they used. Sponge cake with a rum custard sauce, apparently. I have scoured the internet for THEIR recipe, can't find it, but did unearth something that said they dropped it from the menu a few years ago, which is extremely tragic, and also means that I will never again experience it.

Yet I am determined to re-create it. That's hard, having nothing to compare it to. If anyone out there in blog-land ever ate the cake at Anthony's, and has any idea if there is a recipe out there, do tell. Because I'm going to obsess about it until I figure out how to make it.


dougzilla said...

Yes, they did have a pond, where we used to feed the ducks. Anthony's is still there, in all it's 1950s (early 60s?) kitsch, though the prices have gone up a bit (a bit!). As of two years ago, they still served the cake (zamboni cake or something), but they had taken the rum out of it, b/c, you know, you don't want kids getting drunk on zamboni (rolls eyes). Still pretty good cake though... But yeah, they don't seem to have, well, any dessert listed in their menu... Odd.

Anonymous said...

Ok katherine I have emailed this to you and I am leaving this on your Blog. I have found a couple of web sites that might help you.
here they are check them out.

I really enjoy your scrimshaw. I am a Hand Engraver and friend of Steve Lindsey. Hope this help you on your search. let me know if this helps.

Bill Rice