Wednesday, October 05, 2011

upcoming shenanigans

I know you're all just so anxious to visit me with me (did you know I'm a bit sarcastic? Okay, a lot sarcastic?), so here are some opportunities:

Saturday October 8th, 9am, Dillard Elementary School. I'll have a bird or two in the "rooster crow" competition. So I'll be standing there attempting to send telepathic messages to chickens encouraging them to crow a lot because I want to win. And even if they don't win, they could still win the prettiest rooster award or something. Small towns are fun. :-)

Saturday October 8th, 10:30ish til who knows when (no later than 5), Davis Ranch, Sloughhouse. You know, the corn stand! It's their annual harvest festival, and I'll be out there carving a pumpkin, because by golly I want to win again! Did you know I'm a bit competitive? ;-) You will probably find me sitting in the shade with a big pumpkin on my lap, doing minute and detailed carving. Engraving, actually. Most people will not notice what I'm doing, but I expect it to take 5-6 hours. It's going to be awesome, but my subject is secret for now! So if you want to VISIT me, come out on Saturday. If you want to VOTE FOR ME, go on Sunday (9-4ish probably?). I won't be there on Sunday, but voting happens on Sunday. Carve Saturday. Vote Sunday. Got it? If you really like me, go both days! Say hi and vote!

Pic from last year:


Anonymous said...

ooooo the suspense! What will she carve this year? It was indeed beautiful all lit up.

Katherine Plumer said...

Lit up? It doesn't get lit up, it's not that kind of carving. I'm not into scooping pumpkin guts. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow then the colors were significantly deeper once you cut throught the outer layer. I thought that you would have cut a hole in the botton and put in a candle. What is the prize? -BMc.