Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oregon, and more chickens

"More chickens?" Oh yes, I can hear you now. Why would I get more chickens when I keep trying to cut back?? I'll explain... This has been in the works for a few months. A flock of 11 BBRed Rosecombs, descended from birds I sold 6 or 7 years ago, was available (in Oregon). I'm REALLY trying to work hard on my flock of BBReds, but I've run into inbreeding problems, so I'm thinking these "related but removed" birds could be a big help. Conveniently, Jen needed to go get some waterfowl in Corvallis, so when it finally worked out that the waterfowl were ready and everyone was available on the same day, a road trip was quickly put in motion. So I left here late Friday afternoon and went to Jen's place near Redding. We took off at 6:30 Saturday morning (eww), and got back a little after 9 Saturday night. I can't complain much because she drove, but that does push the limits of a day trip. But it sure beat having to get the birds shipped. It was fun though, pretty drive and we had a lot to talk about, some of which was wildly funny but definitely NOT going on the blog! ;-) Big shout out to my Rosecomb friends for driving down from the Portland area to meet up with us, that was a huge help!!

Look, photographic proof that I was up early!:

Mt. Shasta:

Part of northern CA that has decided it wants to be on its own, or something like that:



Just an observation, but Oregon has a lot of these places... just sayin'...


Ha! I live off Dillard Road, in California! I didn't know I'd see one in Oregon too:


Ha! Sounds like when I have to deal with Creepy Guy when I'm out walking...


Hmm, I think that would aptly describe some people I know... ;-)

Oh my my! Can I visit?!

Driving back down the central valley. It's very very very flat, and all looks remarkably similar:

These are some of the new chickens in their new digs. It's kinda funny, I was describing this as similar to looking at relatives. I know these faces. I'd recognize my bloodline anywhere. They won't all stay, there are specific traits I'm breeding for that I don't see in all of them, but several will make a welcome addition to next year's breeding flock:

And of course I had to curl up and take a power-nap with my favorite little guy when I got home:

Back to work! I'm so far behind it's not even funny.

4 comments: said...

Loved the "road sign" pictures (they are what I've come to expect with each of your road trips now, haha). And how cool that you were able to locate birds to purchase from your line! I was actually thinking about that's a good idea to have your birds around, that way if something were to ever happen, it might be possible to get a few through past buyers. I still haven't met Jen yet! How sad is that?!

Anonymous said...

I wanna go in the man camp too! Why, oh why, did you take pictures of the adult shops?! and of course, thanks for the sheep foto! I knew it was for me! -BMc.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Awesome Oregon n Mtn pics! My type of scenic there-
I've never been to the western USA, but I have an Oregon t-shirt my Mom got me about 2 decades ago I still wear. She went everywhere. I have a sweatshirt from QueensLand Australia too.
Pretty Chickens! Nifty colors- Never seen any like them.

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