Tuesday, August 23, 2011

rockin' weekend

Oh boy, it's already Tuesday night and I'm just now blogging about the weekend?? It was a busy one! I canned peaches (I'm up to 12.5 quarts, that may be it for the year... smaller crop this year it seemed). I baked cupcakes. I worked on my big scrimshaw project. And I went to a concert on Saturday night!

Again, I have to give a big shoutout to the Sutter Creek Theatre. It's this quaint little old building in a cute little town owned by some super nice people that gets some pretty awesome musicians playing there, and never seems to get the publicity it deserves. People are missing out! I have never seen a show there that I haven't REALLY enjoyed, and I think I've seen maybe five different shows (some I see every year). It's very intimate, you're right there with the musicians, it's totally unlike a big concert. I love live music in small venues! Seriously. Someone needs to take me on more hot dates that include these sorts of things, because it rocks my socks.

Anyway... on Saturday night a group called Waterloo was playing there, and they are an ABBA tribute band. ABBA, you say? Yes I love love love ABBA. Blame my brother Douglas. He left the "ABBA Gold" CD sitting around years and years ago, and I thought "ha, ABBA, what a nerd." And then on a whim I played the CD and holy cow I'll be darned if I wasn't a nerd too. ABBA also rocks my socks. So I had a great time there, enjoyed the performance, enjoyed the setting, and by the time they played Dancing Queen at the end of the show we were ALL on our feet dancing along! And some of us (Jan!) were doing some pretty exciting chair-dancing through the whole show! ;-)

So really, go look at their schedule, join their mailing list, go see a concert there, you'll love it. And you might see me there. Next month, in fact! :-)


Jan Blawat said...

Lauren pointed out, and I agree, that it was so cool to see regular-looking people up on stage doing such a great job. I have never been disappointed at Sutter Creek, either. Next time if Katherine or I calls you to go with us, just drop everything and DO IT!!!

(My word verification today is "ovenocry." I bet that's a code from your oven, with all that baking you've done.)

dougzilla said...

Hey - I never realized that I was responsible for your Abba-ing. Well go me, and three cheers for kitsch and camp! :-D