Sunday, August 28, 2011

animal bath day!

It was about a hundred degrees outside, and I was getting annoyed at being nagged to do things that I already know I need to do (OH I hate that! grr!), so I decided to go outside give all the 4-legged black animals baths today. They got real clean and I got real gross, but it was worth it!

Angus is fairly stoic about the whole thing.


Sudsy Shylah!

Washing Shylah!

Washing Gwen!

Gwen, who actually enjoys baths, still manages to ALWAYS stand on the hose and reduce the water to a trickle...

Clean girls!

Pretty Shylah!

I had to put them in the shade to spend some time brushing out their manes and tails. Whew it was hot!

All done, Shylah says "I'm outta here!"

So long, horses!

So clean, it'll last for at least a few minutes, right?

Uh oh...

Aw heck...

Come on!

Oh well, it never lasts...

The end...

And Angus resumes his usual position...

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Anonymous said...

Excellent photography and commentary. Isn't that always how it goes? You wash and then they unwash themselves. -BMc.