Wednesday, August 17, 2011

ladybug scrimshaw pendant

This is a custom piece I did for the people who were my table-neighbors at Blade Show a few months ago! Penny shown for scale.

"Ladybug #2" (pendant)
18 by 25 millimeters
multicolor scrimshaw on ancient mammoth ivory
sold (custom)


brokenfeather said...

Ten days between posts is too long...Glad you are still going strong. Hope to see you at Paso Robles...

Katherine Plumer said...

yeah... sorry about that. I have a lot of blog postings in my mind, it's just always been an evening thing to sit down and write them and I have not been around in the evenings for well over a week and didn't even have internet for much of that. You're going to Paso Robles??

brokenfeather said...

Lord willing,
And I plan to beg for your autograph in my new APA Standard!!(if you can be enticed there)

Anonymous said... you have to go to Paso. Your adoring public needs you! -BMc.

Rodrigo pg said...


Could you make one of that for me ?
I would like to offer it to my girlfriend!
How much would it be?


from Portugal