Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Sentinel" game fowl drawing

(Racey Mug Game Fowl)
9.5 by 13 inches
colored pencil and graphite on tan Stonehenge paper
sold (custom commission)

The background may look "simple" but there are about a dozen layers of color there!


Anonymous said...

Very nice- did you use a very sharp white pencil for the highlights on the hackle and saddle on the rooster or something else? If it is an artist's secret that's OK- I'll just stick to pastels.


Katherine Plumer said...

Something else. ;-)

Unknown said...

Love your work! I am Joe Bill Moad from Oklahoma. I am into breeding Old Lineage Gamefowl. This is my third attempt at this very worthwhile ambition. I am into the old North Britton Whitehackle lineage. What do you or would you charge me to have a Picture done by you for me to use as a Logo?
Joe Bill Moad

Unknown said...

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