Tuesday, July 26, 2011

oh yes, I'm still kickin!

I read several blogs, and some people's lives seem so incredibly fascinating. Mine doesn't seem like it would have that same appeal, and yet people have told me they live vicariously through me. Me? Really? Well okay... I'll try to spice it up for you, it's been pretty bland lately.

Anyway I haven't been too good at coming up with things to write about lately, obviously. If there's something you'd like to know about, leave a comment! Ask a question! Unless it's horribly personal I'll probably answer it, unless I forget, which is likely, because my brain is in about 12 zillion different places.

I can't quite bring myself to bore you with the details of my daily life, it's not that interesting. And if it was that interesting I'd probably want to keep that to myself. ;-)

But here's what I've been up to lately:

Finished a drawing, pending approval.
Started preliminary work for HUGE scrimshaw project.
Have made 5 batches of jam (so far!), picked 27 pounds of blackberries (so far!), baking like crazy person.
Endlessly trying to organize/clean all my art stuff.
Raising too many chickens.

I did not do my spring sale on art this year. I may do a summer sale. That sounds better than fall sale. We'll see, I know you're all clamoring for art. :-) Right??

I am eagerly and anxiously awaiting word from an art show, cross your fingers and toes that I get in...

Anyway, I've obviously left out all the scintillating details but that's been life, in a nutshell. :-)

And I know it's still an hour before the 27th, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOUGLAS!