Wednesday, July 27, 2011

BIG project sneak peak!

If you're wondering about the big scrimshaw project I've mentioned a little bit, here's a sneak peak at the "canvas" (um, ivory!) on which I will be working. Those are grips for a Colt 1911, and an incredibly gorgeous Bowie knife. The theme: The Greatest Generation. I'm working on preliminary stuff now, sketches, ideas, making a million revisions before I even show my client, etc. This is where I LOVE photoshop, I can do a lot of my "sketching" there, and it's so much easier to selectively edit, add, delete, resize parts, etc.

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brokenfeather said...

As in the Tom Brokaw's (sp?) version
of "Greatest Generation"? I am anxious to see your take on the WWII era. That Lewis and Clark...Oregon Trail.. was a feisty generation too!
(I got a copy of the Standard today...very nice work Katherine!)