Monday, February 07, 2011

well that sucks!

No, actually, that blows! And I'm being totally literal so don't get all weird about me saying that, I'm not even being crude. ;-)

I finally lugged the air compressor out from behind the engraving bench today. Remember a while back I said I was surprised because the compressor was kicking on even with the airgraver was off? Well, I hadn't been using the airgraver all that much lately except for some parts of the toucans... out of sight, out of mind. Anyway I thought I knew what was wrong, I thought I either needed to put a clamp on one of the hose connections, or else tighten the regulator.

I did both those things, but could still hear just the faintest hissing sound. Was that a slight bit of breeze underneath the air tank perhaps? Ah, so maybe the drainage valve was leaking!

Alas, no, while running my hand under the tank suddenly a tiny chip of paint flew off and all the air came hissing out through a hole that was now the size of a pencil lead. Must have been a pin prick size before. There had been a lot of gunk built up in the tank that I had to drain when I got it, so probably the inside of the tank is all rusted.

I emailed tech support to see about getting a new air tank. In the mean time, no compressed air. Good thing I don't have anything going on that needs it right now.

Anyone want to get me an air tank for my birthday? Heh heh. *sigh*

It's always something.


Anonymous said...

Seems that an ordinary welding shop could braze (weld) your pi hole quickly and cheaply sice you probably do not run over 125psi?
Just thinkin'?

Anonymous said...

Note to self...proofread before you send!!!!! Shoild read "pin" hole.

Katherine Plumer said...

Yeah, interestingly the company actually recommended drilling and plugging the hole. I'll see if my brilliant engineer neighbor can help. If it can't be done with duct tape, I can't do it myself. ;-)