Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Toucan Knife

I finished this knife late the night before I left for the FEGA show in Reno, and delivered it back to the William Henry Studio that weekend. I was not able to photograph the knife myself because I never had the assembled knife in hand. I only had parts.

Photo of completed knife courtesy of William Henry Studio:

This is a scan of the scrimshaw, and the color here is more accurate than on the photo of the whole knife:

Interested in purchasing this knife? Contact William Henry Studio.


Jan Blawat said...

Life is expensive. I don't know how people manage. At least when you get your new tank it will probably last a long time and be useful. Not like taxes and insurance.

Anonymous said...

Which one is sam? hee-hee -BMc.

chickensforeggs@gmail.com said...

They look wonderful! Great colors!

tewethot said...

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