Tuesday, February 08, 2011

um, what IS that?

Facebook is really throwing the online dating ads at me lately. They must be ramping it up before Valentines Day or something. And they like to put ads in front of me for "mature singles" (do they mean older or just not immature?), "romance a millionaire" (yeah, right!), and so forth. Oh yes, and lately there's one for "romantic horseback rides with men who share my passion." Oooookay, right. But what, pray tell, IS this in the photo????

Is that a centaur? With a horse head? What the heck?!?!?


Anonymous said...

omg. -BMc.

Unknown said...

"Prepare yourself for a ride with a man like him."

Um, no thanks? Creeeepy!

Nancy K. said...

He he he he!

I've been getting the 'older' singles ads on Facebook too. At least mine have a good looking guy in a cowboy hat!


(no ~ I have NOT clicked on the ad!)

Katherine Plumer said...

I don't click on the ads either! Haven't reached that level of desperation yet. I don't mind the cute cowboy fellow, but this weird centaur man is just too creepy!

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