Monday, January 03, 2011

this n that

I'm going to a poultry show this weekend! First once since last February, except State Fair (does that one even count?)
I have to wash chickens this week. I hope I remember how.
I'll have to get up about 4am on Saturday, ewww.

I drove all over the place looking for a particular type of rat trap today because stores told me they had it, and then when I arrived they were out of stock... would have been nice if they'd mentioned that on the telephone when I called. Sigh. I'm still looking.
The cats and barn owls aren't keeping up with the rodent population. I am not pleased.

It's so muddy outside!!!!!!!!

The ants are taking over the house, though they seem a bit aimless. They show up in random places and wander around. I hate them. But I guess I'd rather deal with ants than wasps or yellowjackets (oh, say, remember when I got stung over two months ago? You can STILL SEE THE SPOT on my arm. Cripes.)

New neighbors have moved in. I wonder if they've noticed the roosters crowing.

At least it doesn't snow here.
Maybe I'd like snow. Is it better than mud?
By spring, I am going to be so dang tired of washing and wiping dog feet. The carpets have suffered mightily.

I hung a bunch of paintings at Franklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital today.
I still have a bunch of drawings at Silva's Sheldon Inn.

My next scrimshaw image is going to be awesomely beautiful if I can pull it off. The first challenge is turning a rough piece of ivory into something decent.

I'm looking forward to going to Reno at the end of the month and hanging out with engravers. And I'm still not engraving metal! I'll catch hell for that, but you know what... that's okay. I just don't love it as much as scrimshaw. Maybe in time. Maybe not. I keep trying to enjoy it, and I enjoy the process but not the looks of the finished product. At least with scrimshaw you can see it from all angles!

I'm going to bed.


Unknown said...

Have fun at Hollister!

We're having ants aimlessly wandering our house too, after being rid of them since our first summer here. I think we've had so much rain that they're just coming in to get out of the waterlogged ground outside. ...And yet then they go to the fish tanks for water.

Congrats at your new display at the veterinary hospital!

Anonymous said...

I like snow, but I've lived in Wisconsin all my life... right now we have around 20 inches. I guess the bad side of snow is the shoveling (and back pain), blanketing of horses, heated water tanks for the horses and heated chicken coops! But snow is clean, at worst produces water puddles near the door- and it's really pretty!


Rose and Kevin Re said...

A foot of snow here a week ago, and still 6 inches hanging on. Rain forecast for tomorrow. Love the snow, hate the chores in the snow, hauling water long distances from house to coops, and keep heatlamps in some coops is tedious, but it is 100% better than mud.

Jan Blawat said...

My experience with snow, from living for 4 years in Camino where I worked at a stable, was that first you had snow, and when it melted, then you had mud. Feeding and watering went from the chore category to the hard work category, especially trying to water from frozen hoses. Also, I have never liked slippery stuff under my feet.

We don't have world-class mud in Sloughhouse, though. Our soil is sandier than it is in Wilton and Elk Grove, where people who own horses are usually depressed in the winter just because it's so messy and the mud sucks your boots off.

I live with a Pig Boy. We always have ants.

I'll be interested to hear if poultry showing still excites you after a few years off. I have been happy not having all that work to do, myself. The only part I miss is the people, but I've gone to shows without birds and that seems so pointless. It's hard to find a place "between." said...

It's been horribly muddy at our house too...I can't go out back without my boots on or I will slip or sink! BTW, my own wasp sting (on the very tip of my pinkie finger) remained as a little red dot for over ten years....


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