Thursday, January 20, 2011

and the winner is...

Perhaps I needed to clarify a little better, though I thought I explained pretty well... to be entered in the contest you needed to leave a comment on the original blog posting. Not in my email. Not on Facebook. So, to the several of you who tried to enter tonight on Facebook, I'm sorry. Gotta keep things fair, and that means only using names that were entered on the blog.

That said, you have no idea how suspenseful it is to put the names into the random generator and hit the button. OMG who's it going to be! Will the art leave the country? Will it even leave the county? Do I know the person? It's so exciting!

Let's cut to the chase, right? The winner of the "Foal with Star" colored pencil drawing is...


Congratulations Kayda! My little drawing won't be traveling too far. I've known Kayda since high school, and we were roommates in college. She keeps saying she's going to commission portraits of her cats, so let's hope maybe having a teensy bit of my art on her walls will convince her that she needs to own more. ;-) Kayda, you know the drill, I need to hear from you by 10pm tomorrow so you can claim your prize.

If you didn't win, well... there's always next time. This is fun, so I'm sure I'll give more stuff away. And... you know if you're really hankering for some art, you can always buy some. There are drawings for sale here and scrimshaw for sale here, and if you're going "eek I can't afford that" well then look over HERE where everything is priced ridiculously cheap. Seriously, I have nothing over $175 on there, so you can just go wild over there!

Thanks for playing! :-)