Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 20 work in progress

What kind of crazy person would do an image with a large area of solid black?!?! Oh yeah, me. ;-) As I go through the list of subjects now, I think "how can I do this different than the other scrim I've seen of the same subject, what will fit on the pieces that I currently have in stock, and what can I do that gives me a chance to try out a slightly different technique."

Watch and see what kind of coolness this becomes in the next couple days.

I have sooooo many ideas for things to scrim. Some will be better suited for framed pieces, and I don't have time to frame anything before Blade Show, so those will wait til I am working on things to take to Jackson. I'm just so incredibly inspired and in the zone right now.

I'm excited and nervous about Blade Show. The excitement is currently winning out, but I worry too... what if nothing sells, what if I make a fool of myself, what if blah blah blah.

I am aiming to do two more pendants before I leave.. these elephants, and one more. If I get those done super fast and can whip out another, that's awesome, but I'm not counting on it. There is soooo much to do.

This weekend:
clip Gwen (foxtail season + hairy legs = uncomfortable horse)
move chickens into slightly different breeding pens
turn on incubator
make strawberry jam?
photograph completed hippo tooth scrim
pack two pieces for shipping
pay bills

Before the show:
more scrimshaw!!!
finish photo prep for portfolio
assemble portfolio
labels/price tags
pack clothes
pack scrim
pack table/display stuff
wash dog?
finish pendants, including selecting chains, and gift-boxing everything
freak out
chill out
make lists like a crazy woman and check them endlessly, like this list right here
call about hay delivery
eggs in incubator
write cell phone # on business cards (alas, cheaper than getting new run of cards printed, sigh)
empty camera memory cards
wonder what I'm forgetting
finalize travel plans
feed the birds, label pens so that Mom can pick up eggs
make travel reservations for next show
figure out something to work on at the show???? (not sure I'll need to, not sure what kind of traffic to expect at the table, art shows can be soooo booooring I always work on something, scrim isn't as portable as drawing though!)


OMG, did you watch Grey's Anatomy tonight?! I was clutching my blankie almost the whole time!

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Nancy K. said...

OMG! That was THE most amazing season finale of ANY program, EVER! I can't believe how awesome it was. I do have to admit, however, to being a bit surprised that they pretty much wrapped it up and we knew where everyone stood by the end...

not exactly a 'cliff-hanger' ending