Monday, June 30, 2008

The Adventure: June 20: travel day

I spent a few hours going through photos today and it became clear that it's going to take a VERY long time to get through them. I'm renaming them to indicate who took which ones, and then I go through and touch up the contrast and whatnot (I'm sure I'll get better at shooting pics, but remember I had no time to use the D80 at all before leaving so it was all on automatic everything (except sometimes on manual focus)).

But, I'd better get started talking about it or it'll take me all next month!

Not much to say about June 20, I left here late in the morning, spent a few hours on airplanes and probably at least as many hours sitting around waiting for airplanes. I arrived in Jackson Hole late that night and didn't have a lot of functioning brain cells left by the time we got to B's house in Idaho.

I do have this thing for taking pics out of airplanes, so here are a few photos somewhere between Denver and Jackson Hole.

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