Thursday, June 12, 2008

uh oh, I feel a rant coming on

Oh. My. Gosh. So I was just out in the yard and saw a little furry lump of something. Closer inspection yielded a kitten, very young, scrawny, panting, eyes crusted shut. It's 96 degrees, and it was on its side in full sun. There's no mystery as to where it comes from, they are from next door where the neighbors evidently don't believe in the magical powers of spay/neuter.

So I picked up the pathetic critter and carried it next door where I was met by one of my neighbors. "This is yours" I said. She said "oh is is the one with the goopy eyes?" And I'm thinking um hello excuse me you knew about this?

"It's really sick" I told her. "I've had this discussion with your mother before. This is the third sick kitten I have found. GET THIS PROBLEM FIXED." She looked at me like huh? Exasperation. "It's the big fluffy gray momma cat" I said. "Ours?" She asked. (um duh!)

#@$%!!! OMG people, spay your animals!!!! For YEARS I have been finding crusty eyed kittens. It's sad, it's irresponsible. I love cats, and well pretty much most animals. Geez there's even a mobile spay/neuter unit at the fire station a whopping 1.1 miles away right now. FIX IT!!!!! I have no respect for people who don't take responsibility for this stuff.

I'm pretty tempted to start trapping, but spending my money on cleaning up someone else's problem really doesn't sit well with me.


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