Saturday, March 01, 2008

studio 3.0

Finally! Everything is good to go, the newest arrangement of the studio is finished with the exception of I need to get a lamp for the microscope table, and I'll be replacing the microscope light with a "white" light.

This is a 6' x 10' corner of a room, with a bay window that adds a little extra space. I just push the chair around depending on whether I want to use the drawing table, the scope, or the easel. It's cozy but it totally works.

And here's the night view, a time I put in a lot of hours!


Anonymous said...

That is a really great workspace, and so amazingly neat and tidy too, lol! I bet having your own microscope is going to make all the difference to your work, can't wait to see all the new scrim!

Anonymous said...

I like it too! Good organization skills. I know it doesn't always look that way but, in such a tight space cleanliness counts!

Katherine Plumer said...

Ha, yeah it only looks tidy because it's all newly set up. It's usually a cluttered mess. It'll get there in no time. ;-)

Adventure Prone and Co. said...

I like the way you moved the chair around to each station for the pictures