Wednesday, March 05, 2008

March 5 work in progress

Only a bazillion more layers of color to go! :-)

I actually didn't get to spend all that much time on the drawing today, except tonight for a while. But it was a super busy day. I don't always appear busy. I know sitting at the computer doesn't necessarily look busy, but considering I can't really go out here and take my own reference pics for things like mountain goats, it does require some pretty extensive research on line! I cranked out a pile of thumbnail sketches that will fit the micarta slab scrim, or any sort of knife project I might do down the road some time. That was good! Now to pick one, hmmm. I'm not posting those here, not til I have something in progress.

And then I made a whole bunch of jewelry for "the outfit" for Rakkasah.

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