Tuesday, March 04, 2008

art stuff

I think I have a lot to say tonight, let's see if I can remember it all.

First off, I have art hanging at two local businesses if you would like to ogle it in person. Check it out at Farmers Insurance in Elk Grove, and at the Starbucks at the Elk Grove Auto Mall.

I've been attending practice/rehearsal for Rakkasah several times a week lately and it's kicking my butt, not to mention consuming a lot of evenings (which is okay, it's not like I have a life, I just should be putting in more art hours). But... the big day is March 15th and we have a lot of work to do (reminder in case you've forgotten what I'm talking about, I will be dancing at the Rakkasah West bellydance festival at 8pm on March 15th on the East Stage at the fairgrounds in Vallejo). More info at www.rakkasah.com Woo wee it's a lot of work!

I finished the horse drawing yesterday. It's a somewhat different piece for me, being on dark paper. That presented some serious challenges, as did the lighting of the horses. But I'm quite pleased with it. :-)

"Aragorn and Zena" (or "Zena and Aragorn" I'm kinda undecided. Aragorn is on the right, Zena on the left. Input? JC any preference?)
10x22 inches
colored pencil, graphite, white charcoal
on dark gray mat board
sold (commission)

I started a new drawing. Here are two "WIP" images from today, but the first one scanned too light. Or maybe the second one's too dark. Oh wow I'm tired.

"Dozer" (miniature bull terrier)
5x7 inches
colored pencil and graphite on gray stonehenge paper
sold (commission)

Thinking about scrimshaw... I am going to be submitting work to a miniature art show (as in, little art, not little show) and want to make a real knockout scrim piece for it. Next up on my sample materials to try is this slab of paper micarta. It's 1.5 x 4.75 inches. I could try cutting it smaller but I kinda hate to do that, not knowing the best way to cut this stuff and figuring I'd just screw it up anyway. And besides that I think it could make for a pretty dramatic image if I can figure out WHAT. Must be wildlife or western in theme. I think I'll go through all my photos (not tonight!) and see if anything sparks my imagination. Anyway this is it. If something comes to mind by all means throw ideas at me, but please don't be offended if I don't use your idea. :-)

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