Saturday, September 08, 2007

single combed birds

I have had a request to post these.. So pardon them if you aren't into chickens. ;-)

The really nice SC BBRed cockerel I photographed last time.. I am keeping him around and will possibly show him (as what?) Nick, you have dibs on him (or any of them).

Black Red cockerel (thanks for explaining that). Purebred Rosecomb. Minimal chest coloration, very nearly solid black chest. Nice lobes. Fairly dark back. I use these birds (if rose combed!) for breeding BBReds, I've had good luck with the Black Red males reducing the red ticking in the chests on the BBRed males. If unclaimed, will sell this bird on 9/16.

head of same bird:

Black Red pullet, purebred Rosecomb. Nearly solid black. Looks like she will stay dark faced. So far no darkness in ear lobes. If unclaimed, will sell this bird on 9/16.

head of same bird:

The BBRed pullets are sisters. They are NOT purebred Rosecomb. Their mother is a BBRed Rosecomb. Their father is a golden (?) duckwing crossbred (Silver Duckwing OE X Black RC). So they are 75% Rosecomb. Both are pretty tiny. Ear lobes still questionable. I like this female's color a lot, depending if her lobes stay white I'd consider keeping her. Definitely staying around for now.

head of same bird

The younger pullet. I don't like her color much, she is laced with gold, and I need to avoid this. So if you don't want her I'm taking her to auction on the 16th. If you want her I'll keep her around.

head of same bird

BBRed male with "sebright-style" type, I think he's horribly ugly and can't imagine anyone would want this. So, off to auction if nobody wants him.


Anonymous said...

Hi Katherine,

Thank you for posting the pictures. Your birds good great! The Black Reds are nice, I especially like the little pullet. She looks like a living toy.

Now the BB Reds are my favorites. To me they are sooo beautiful. Thanks for dibs! As for showing the BB Red cockerel, I would show him as a (you know what!!!). With a good clean dubbing he would be excellent. I still am thinking about putting up $200.00 for Best American Game.

Talk to you later,


Katherine Plumer said...

I don't think I *could* dub a bird anymore. I remember how, I just sooooo don't want to. I really don't miss it! I'd rather show him as a Dutch, or a Single Comb Rosecomb, lol. Actually, his sickles are kinda dinged up anyway so he may well not get shown at all.

Did you want either of the Black Reds or the other BBRed pullet? I'll hang onto them if you do but otherwise I'm going to auction this weekend... I think... if I can find the time...