Thursday, September 13, 2007


I have a few spare seconds, so I thought I'd write a few things. I am stressed out and crazy busy getting ready for the shows. Everything is framed (new stuff pictured below, the ones that aren't matted in white went to Draft Horse Classic), I picked up 680 note cards on Monday (using a new print shop now, they look great. Nothing was wrong with the old print shop other than the turnaround time was often too long for me to deal with when I procrastinate as always). I folded all the cards yesterday but I still need to bag them. I finished two paintings today but need to varnish them still, and scan them. Still need to do all the price tags, pack, figure out the layout for Saturday.

If you are coming to visit on Saturday at the Chicken Festival, you need to look for the GREEN tent. Not a white tent. :-( Oh well. If it's windy I will cry.

I have a new website somewhat up for my scrimshaw, It's a work in progress and the really important stuff (the images and the for sale items) are not yet there. I just don't have time. Aaaaaaack! After the art shows I will be buying some ivory blanks for jewelry. A few people have asked about these, so if you've had some interest in getting a necklace pendant (b/w only for now, still working on the best way to do color work...) think about what size oval you want (18x13mm, 25x18mm, 30x22mm, bigger sizes too) and whether you want a sterling silver or gold-filled mount for it.

I am severely neglecting emails lately, sorry anyone who is waiting to hear from me.

Okay, gotta get back to work, I have approximately a gazillion things to do. Wish me luck!

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