Monday, December 15, 2014

Where do I even begin?

Hello neglected blog, it's been a while.  One of my New Years resolutions needs to be to pay attention to you again...

Where do I even begin?

I am leaving Oak Run, and moving back to Wilton. Probably in early January though I guess it depends a little on the weather! I'm grateful for the two and a half years I have spent here, there are things I will miss very much, but the time has come to leave.

I need a fresh start, even if it is in an old place! But I need, NEED some real studio space to do my work, so some fund-raising is definitely in order to make that a reality, if you catch my drift.  The timing on this caught me more than a little unprepared.

I have quite a lot of art available, and much of the older stuff is now marked down 25-50% off the original price.  I even thought about doing one of those crowd-funding sites, but I want to earn it fair and square!

Interested in custom work?  Let's talk!  I can do just about anything you might want.  :-)

I think you should be able to access this link even if you are not a Facebook member, I think I have this set up to be viewable to the public.  If not let me know I can post everything here!  I'm just up to my eyeballs trying to get Christmas-deadline projects completed, and looking to save a bit of time.  ;-)

"Katherine Needs a New Studio" sale!

I also have cards and prints and other fabulously cool things available on my shiny new

Fine Art America site!!!


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