Tuesday, June 04, 2013

big shoutout to a little horse

Happy 10th Birthday to Shylah! My my how the years have flown since I got that scrappy scrawny little horse from Canada. She's really blossomed a lot this last year, and seems to enjoy not only her horsey friends but also her new role as a trail and cow horse. And we've come a long way learning to trust each other. That's a great feeling when it's just me and her by ourselves way out in the boonies.

Is it REALLY her birthday? Well who knows, but when I got her she had two little cardboard tags taped to her butt with the number "4" on them. She seemed so tiny compared to her "born in early spring" trailer-mates, so I decided June 4 would be her birthday. She's not really all that little any more. Just a smidge under 14.3. She just looks like a waif compared to the chunky fuzzy Gypsy horses she lives around!

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