Wednesday, November 28, 2012

To Reno and back

Oh man, I gotta catch up on blogging!

A couple weekends ago Jen and I went to Reno for a poultry show. First show of the season. I took ten birds, all Black Breasted Red. I'm pleased to have that many good BBReds to be showing this season, and would like to show a good "string" all season, plus probably some of the Brassy Backs as well. We were anticipating some possible bad weather but things turned out just fine, and it was a pretty drive. I had a good time at the show, it was nice to see people!

The birds took Best and Reserve of Breed, though they were the only Rosecombs there, so that's kind of a given. ;-) I don't expect many big wins in my immediate future since I'm not showing Blacks anymore. But, my goal is to get the BBReds good enough that they can win big again! I'm pleased with how they are looking.

Some pics from the drive and from the show:

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Anonymous said...

Did you go through Susanville or did you go through Sacramento? Either way, your photos were beautiful. -BMc.