Sunday, November 11, 2012

scenes from today

I hadn't been out on a long hike for probably about a month.  Lately any snippet of "spare time" has gone to the chicken coop, and of course the time change makes it impossible to accomplish anything outdoors after dinner anymore.  Busy busy busy.  I've also been less inclined to be out and about on my own because the cooler weather may bring about different big hairy creatures in the forest.  And while I am not yet adequately equipped to deal with big hairy predators (soon, working on that...), no cool animals will get near me when I'm carrying The Beast camera, so taking it along was the next best thing.

So the leaves are falling, and the grass is growing.  You can practically see it grow.  Does that seem weird?  Other parts of the country do that in spring.  By the end of May, if not sooner, the grass will all be dead again.



Anonymous said...

I like your horse-deer sightings. Ha ha, just horsin' around! -BMc.

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