Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Draft Horse Classic recap

Okay, well, let's just come right out and say it: this was a pretty bad year at the show.

By some strange miracle, I'd had a really GOOD show last year, so this year seems extra ouchie in comparison to that.  Frickin' economy.

Having gotten that out of the way, let me clarify that I absolutely love this show, so having a bad year doesn't change anything.  I'll be back, and I have a lot of really good ideas!  It's like I've stumbled into some serious art mojo all of a sudden.

I was up in Grass Valley from Wednesday through Sunday.  The booth looked particularly nice this year.  Since the number of exhibitors was down, we were able to spread out a bit, so what's normally a 10x10' cube got to stretch out to about a 10x13' booth, with open arms just waiting to embrace all those customers...  I know I can't count on that in future years, but it looks nice opened up a bit!

It was great to see my artist friends.  I miss the ones who couldn't make it.  It was great to see some of my friends who came to visit too!

I did well in the show.  "Gwen in the Late Fall" won an Honorable Mention in the pencil category, and "Tundra Elegance" got second place in the Miniatures category.

As always, thank goodness for note cards and chicken art!

So I've been away for a while now, I'm FINALLY heading back to Oak Run tomorrow.  I stayed in Wilton a little longer than planned, family stuff...  It sure seems strange that Gwen's not here, sigh...

I'm really pleased with how the birds look, probably the next time I'm down will be to pick them up!  Gotta get that new chicken coop done...

Okay, I'm supposed to be sorting through some old stuff here at Mom's house, I'd better go do that before I get hollered at again.  ;-)


bkequiart said...

Great to see you at the Classic! Your booth was beautiful, and you KNOW how much I love your artwork.
I love visiting and catching up with you.....maybe I'll be there with a booth next year???? BK

Pete Lewis said...

Definitely a beautiful booth. No matter how it's displayed, your artwork is amazing! Sorry to hear show was not stellar for you :(. Really great to see you Katherine :). Looking forward to next time & hopefully a chance for Wendy & I to make it up your way!