Tuesday, September 28, 2010

big horses and a little snail

Believe it or not, I'm almost done with the Wyoming pics. One more day to edit and post and then I'll unveil the whole album for you. There will be under 400 photos. Not bad considering I started with over 850! I'm posting most of the good ones, unless they are duplicate shots of almost the same thing.

But in the mean time...

I met up with Jen at Draft Horse Classic on Sunday. I showed in the art show there for 8 years, I love that show. I missed it last year because I was in Kansas, so I didn't even get to go visit. I didn't think I could handle being in the art show the morning after getting back from the ten day WY trip this year, so I didn't apply for a booth. There were a lot of new faces this year. I was tickled that my old friends remembered me, even from across the room when they spotted me. :-) It felt strange not to be there showing my art, but it was also nice to get out and see a horse show for the first time in a long time and just have a relaxing day. I'm glad I went, and I sincerely hope I can fit that back in the schedule next year.

She's barrel racing with a draft horse! Hee hee!:

And she's barrel racing with a mule! (The mule beat the draft horse.):

This pair of Brabant Belgians won the pulling contest. They pulled 4500 pounds. The team itself weighs 3700 pounds. Dang!:

Pretty Belgians:

Jen would tell you I was photographing this dude's butt. Actually that didn't occur to me til she mentioned it (I swear):

I was just impressed because there's no way in heck I could ride like that. And no way my horses could be harnessed together without fangs and slashing hooves and massive blood loss.

Can you imagine having a horse so big you have to climb on with a ladder, and then sit on its neck to braid its mane? That horse is probably about 14-16 inches taller than Shylah!

Today I found this teeny snail stuck to Olin. Yeah, stuck to a cat, how random. Super cute!!! That's on my hand, obviously:

Tonight I washed the Taurus for the last time ever. Oh yeah, cue some sentimentality here. Lots of fun memories there. And a few that aren't so fun. I need to clean out the inside, get it smogged, and then I'm taking it to the Park & Sell this weekend, and possibly for a few weekends. I wish the Avalon was red instead of taupe. I miss driving a red car. People don't recognize me yet, that'll take a while!

By the way, my scrimshaw site is freshly updated, all the for sale/sold info is updated after the show. If there was something you were really desperately hoping I'd bring back from from Jackson Hole so you could buy it... it might be there. Or it might not. :-D The link is in the right sidebar, Katherine Plumer Fine Art.