Sunday, November 03, 2013

a few scrimshaw pieces on Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl "MOP" is a great deal more difficult to engrave than ivory.  It's a hard and brittle surface, and is dis-inclined to want to have a lot of engraved marks very close to each other without the surface just sort of chipping off.  But it IS rather beautiful!  :-)

"Cloud Runner"
(Gypsy Horse)
scrimshaw on Mother of Pearl
7/8 by 2.5 inches
This piece won third place at the Art at the Classic Show (Draft Horse Classic, September 2013)

Koi pendant
scrimshaw on Mother of Pearl with sterling silver setting
15/16 by 7/8 inch

Swan pendant
multicolor scrimshaw on Mother of Pearl with sterling silver setting
1.25 inches diameter

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