Friday, July 19, 2013

July 19 work in progress

I transferred two images to two pieces of ivory today.  They are both projects I "should have finished yesterday" if you know what I mean... clock's a-tickin'.  The other, which I will show you later, is larger and EXTREMELY complicated and detailed, so I'm going to try to bust this one out pretty quickly (ha ha, "quickly" being a very relative term when it comes to working on a microscopic level).

This is going to be a portrait of two Sebright Bantam chickens.  And to all my fancier/poultry exhibitor/chicken snob friends, I KNOW you're going to jump all over and say they don't look like good sebrights.  I KNOW.  They aren't!  These are "hatchery grade" birds, and that's deliberate.  So don't get all uppity about it.  ;-)

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