Saturday, March 02, 2013

March 3 work in progress

What color is a Cape Buffalo?  Black, right?  With black horns?  Well, sorta grayish black.  No maybe sorta brownish grayish black with some yellowy undertones and a hint of blue?  I'm doing this image in full color (because I was asked to, but I would have wanted to do anyway, if for no other reason that coming up with the right way to do the colors is a HUGE challenge).  And when you stare at an image long enough, even something that at first glance you might think is pretty much black and gray, you start to realize there are a LOT of colors that make it look that way.  Or maybe I'm just nuts, but whatever, I think it's coming along rather well.  ;-)  Horns are pretty much done.  Six colors.  Face will be next, and then background.


Anonymous said...

What color are they going to be? Can you tell? I want to see what they molt into!


Katherine Plumer said...

I'm thinking this was in reference to the chicks, not the knife. ;-) Two mottled, one blue mottled, but the last one I have no idea. It's white with a gray stripe down the back, and the wing feathers are coming in very pale but stippled.