Wednesday, February 06, 2013

a portrait of Buddy

Sometimes I just have to create something for someone.  Maybe someone did me a favor that I didn't know how to repay at the time, or maybe it's just a spur of a moment for-the-heck-of-it gift.  And sometimes these are the most enjoyable things to work on.  But it means keeping things tightly under wraps, in this digital day and age when I'm connected to almost everyone I know, lest the secret get out.  I'm working on another "I need to do this for someone" project right now, which I won't show you until it is in the hands of the recipient (about another week and a half).

Buddy the pit bull passed away a couple of weeks ago, and I had to draw him for a good friend of mine.  :-)

"Buddy" (Pit Bull)
graphite and charcoal on velour paper
copyright © 2013 Katherine Plumer
8 by 8 inches

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Anonymous said...

He is beautiful