Friday, August 10, 2012

August 10 work in progress: Rohner hammer

The thing about  making plans... they totally change.  ;-)  I originally envisioned this being fairly straightforward and simple: a bear on the front face, and some type of small adornment on the side.  You know what though, it didn't feel right.  If ever a piece just begged for full-coverage awesomeness, this is it.  So it's ended up a whole lot more complicated than I planned!  Looking pretty snazzy though, I love how this is turning out.  Still need to finish the other side, and then put the bear on it.  It'll rock your socks.

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Anonymous said...

The star on the side reminds me of a quilt block design. I love the shading! Somehow I would have thought that the uber-colorfulness of the piece that you did for me might somehow creep its way into subsequent pieces, but maybe you are all colorful-afied out! -BMc.