Monday, January 15, 2007

catching up

Let's see, where do I start.

Probably people in the rest of the country think us Californians are really wimpy. The weather reports here just go nuts every time we get rain or cold weather, and it's been COLD lately. Of course for here cold means lows in the 20s, highs in the 40s. We like to whine about how cold we are. The pipes freeze, I have to pour hot water on the chickens' water bowls in the morning.

I was down in Hollister this weekend for a poultry show and had a really good time. It was so cold though! I don't think I stopped shivering all day Saturday until I got back to my nice toasty hotel room. Oh, that was probably the nicest place I've stayed, at least that I can think of right now. This was the view out the back door of my room:

Anyway, I ended up clerking most of the day Saturday, which is always interesting but it was a little rough to be on my feet all day since my back still isn't quite normal...

I got Reserve RCCL on a Black Breasted Red Rosecomb cockerel, which is way cool. He's a really nice bird but has some conditioning problems (missing a few chunks out of a few tail feathers). There's one pullet that may turn out decent but she still needs more time to mature. And there's another BBRed male I haven't showed yet because he hasn't grown his sickles out yet. If he DOES, he's going to be great. I'm concerned though that he won't grow them at all though. :-( (that's sometimes a problem).

You know, as I was sitting around that evening talking and laughing with a bunch of other exhibitors, it's hard not to get sort of nostalgic about everything, and think "these are the good times, these are the times I'm going to look back on and smile about some day." It's a great crowd, I wish I could see everyone more often.

So you're probably wondering about the Standard art. (Whatever happened to being done by Christmas? ha ha). The golden Phoenix pair is partly done. And I know what you're thinking, that's the last pair. It was... until Saturday. Now hold on, I know I know... But this is a special thing. I agreed to take on one more pair because they are being sponsored in honor of Mary Hoyt. Mary passed away recently. She was one of the nicest people in the world, always asked about my art, even read my blog. We all miss her, the shows are not the same without her, and I'll do the last pair (Dutch Bantams) in her honor. But that's the last of them. I think the book should be printed by the fall of 2007.

The website update is almost done, maybe another day or so. It's taking way longer than planned. Not only am I adding a lot of new stuff but I'm deleting a LOT of old stuff. I am removing the more "craft" type items and mostly sticking with fine art that is representative of the type of work I do for commissions (plus all the original prints, etc). The sales section will be totally redone too but that's going to take longer so in the mean time I'll probably pull that whole section off line for a bit. What a pain.

Today I went shopping with A.S. while she tried on wedding dresses. So beautiful! I am overwhelmed by the rows and rows of poofy white dresses though, they all look amazingly the same to me, I don't know how a person would make that decision. I get to be a bridesmaid! That's the first time ever. (If you are thinking "wait, aren't you the shopping-phobic person who hates to try stuff on?" you're right, this will be challenging). ;-) It'll be fun though, I'm happy for her and excited to be a part of it. Everyone I know is getting married or engaged or both lately, it's crazy. I am going to be the last one left!

Anyway, on that note, I think I'll call it a night.

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Anonymous said...

Your right, a little hard to feel sorry about your "cold". We have 5 inches of snow, and forget about warm water. We have to bring the bowls in to thaw, and replace them twice a day. At this point, we don't open windows during the day, everyone gets a heatlamp and some indoor time. Got to protect those spikes! We have some BBReds hatched out...nothing compared to what you do, but are happy with the hatch rate. Great to hear about your win, Big Congrats! Still undecided about Stockton...we'll see, would like a day or two in warmer weather though.